Income Tax: FAQs On Form 10BA and Form 67

FAQs On Form 10BA

FAQ 1: While submitting Form 10BA, the page displays the error: “Error: Please enter valid values”. What should I do?

Ans: In case you are facing such issue while submitting the form, ensure that steps mentioned for updating profile are completed. Additionally, delete the old draft of the form by clicking on “Delete Draft”. Re-log in to the e-Filing portal and try again.

FAQs On Form 67

FAQ 1: When I am trying to upload attachments while filing statutory forms, certain errors are being displayed on the page. What should I keep in mind while uploading attachments on the e-Filing portal?

Ans: The error might be due to naming convention used in the file. Please avoid using any special characters in the file name and keep the file name small. In addition, the size of the attachment should be less than 5 MB and the attachment should be in PDF or Zip format only.

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