Important Update on Uploading of Form 15CA and 15CB on New Income Tax E-filing Portal

Both Form 15CA and 15 CB are fully available and functional. However, as compared to EF1.0 the process has changed.

In EF1.0 CA would separately upload 15CB. In EF2.0 it is an integrated workflow. Taxpayer files 15CA and assigns to CA. The CA will then see in his worklist as 15CB pending with prefilled data. CA will fill 15CB and submit back to taxpayer.

Part C of 15CA will be prefilled and taxpayer can submit. Please note that DSC once registered in individual name of CA does not have to be re-registered under ARCA role. CA can simply sign any form under any role.

To illustrate – if Mr A is a director in Xyz Pvt Ltd then we do NOT have to register his DSC in the profile of the company. We have to only register the DSC in his personal profile under his own PAN.

Some of the taxpayers may face a problem in registering the DSC & may get a message saying “Token user pin has to be changed”. In this case, please change the PIN for the DSC by:

1- Insert the DSC token in the computer
2 – Double click on the icon
3- You will get an option on left hand side to change the PIN
4- Change the PIN
5- Log on to the income tax portal
6- Register DSC
7- DSC will get registered.

Since many people are facing difficulties in 15CA/CB, I am repeating verbatim what has been told to me by a senior officer at CPC. Please go through the entire thread:

FAQ: How do I assign form(s) to my CA?
Ans: It is a 2-step process:
1.Login to e-filing portal, go to “Authorized Partners” menu, click on “My Chartered Accountant” link and then Add CA by clicking on Add CA button.

2.The request will go to CA for acceptance in his worklist. Once accepts the request, he will be added as your CA & it will be reflected in My CA.

3.Once CA is added successfully, click on “Assign Form” button against the added CA to assign Form(s).

FAQ: How as a taxpayer do I file Part-C of Form 15CA or How as a CA do I file Form 15CB or Whether my CA would be able to submit Form 15CB if the CA has not been added by taxpayer under My CA functionality ?

Ans: The submission process of Form 15CA Part-C and Form 15CB has been revamped. Under the revised process, the taxpayer has to select Form 15CA Part-C radio button under File Income-Tax Forms. The taxpayer is expected to provide certain details of Remitter, Remittee, CA and related attachments and assign CA from whom Form 15CB is required for the relevant Financial Year. After the CA has accepted request for Form 15CB, the CA is expected to File Form 15CB which would be available under the Worklist (For Your Action) of CA.

Once CA has accepted taxpayer’s request, the details in Form 15CB shall be prefilled. After the CA has submitted Form 15CA by providing rest of the data, the taxpayer is expected to go to Worklist (For Your Action) and is required to “Accept” the submitted Form 15CB.

After acceptance, the details in Part-C of Form 15CA will be prefilled from accepted Form 15CB. The taxpayer is expected to provide rest of the details and submit Form 15CA Part-C. In case, any information provided either by the taxpayer or CA is incorrect or require modification, Part-C of Form 15CA and Form 15CB can be Revised by repeating the above process. For detailed process, refer Form 15CA/15CB User Manuals under “Help” section.