E-filing Operations Of Income Tax Department Are Sifted To New Website

Income Tax E-filing Portal has posted an update that:

A DR drill is in progress and e-Filing operations of Income Tax Department have been shifted to DR site. All precautions have been taken to prevent disruption, in case of any minor issues please bear with us.

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    1. Changing, Changing and maintaining the IT e-portal now and then. Plz stop troubling people for such important thing. Better to upload the old form and stop troubling us. Old is gold. BJP must stop troubling people because of their hatred for Congress. Do something worthy that people remember them for that and not hate them

    2. The department has issued demand notice for the FY 2019-20 with instructions to deposit the difference in tax amount of Rs.239750/- within 30 days and the same has been deposited in instalments within a period of 35 days.As the amount was paid in instalments the same could not be updated in the system as response to demand.However the deposit of tax was updated by the department in 26AS for that Financial year.The matter was taken up with the assessment Officer who has acknowledged the receipt of the demand amount in full and confirmed there is no outstanding dues and informed that the matter has been taken up with IT CPC for updating their system vide their letter sedated 16.01.2022.But till date the system is not updated and grievance has also been lodged on 05 th March 22 but I have not received any communication till date.However the site shows demand of 39000/- which is not correct.My refund of 11580/- has also not been credited to my account.Mails to assessment officer is also of no use.How to resolve the issue.

      1. Refund settled but the name of assessee and in PAN card differ PAN card starts with father’s name followed by her name but in bank assessee’s name only thereby refund yet to be credited to the account.

    3. My PAN No is AFCPR7592D.
      Despite my payment of the demand raised by the IT department till date the demand is being shown in pending demand for the FY 2019-20.As of date there are 5 grievances pending open for resolution for more than a month.
      I think the department should have a time frame for the redressal of the grievance raised by the taxpayers.

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