Demand for extension of ITR filing date started trending ‘Extend Due Date Immediately’

If we look at the data shared by the Income Tax Department, till Monday, more than 3 crore taxpayers of the country have filed ITR. Of these, 40 lakh IT returns were filed over the weekend, officials said.

Complaining about ITR portal being down

 Only 6 days left to file return

Now only 6 days are left for filing Income Tax Return (ITR). For this, the government has fixed the last date of 31 July 2022. As the last date is approaching, the demand to extend it has also started rising. At this time ‘Extend Due Date Immediately’ is trending heavily on Twitter.

Last year also campaign

 Taxpayers are counting their troubles on Twitter, demanding to extend the last date for filing ITR. Some are citing problems in the Income Tax Department’s portal, while some are requesting to extend the last date for other reasons. Last year also, taxpayers had similarly campaigned on Twitter regarding technical flaws in the portal.

Complaint about problem in portal

 Talk about this demand that is trending on Twitter at the moment. So some people have shared it by taking a screenshot of the ITR portal and have written that the portal is down again. So someone wrote that after telling the problem to the department, it is being said that the income tax officers and employees themselves are facing problems. Not only this, taxpayers are also seen giving an example of increasing the last date last year.

Department’s refusal to extend the date
Let us inform here that the Income Tax Department has already made it clear that this time the last date for filing ITR will not be extended. During a conversation with Business Today on Monday, the officials had said that regular review is going on to check the irregularities on the ITR portal of the department in order to keep the return filing process smooth. He said that the deadline for filing ITR cannot be extended this year.

Fine will be imposed after July 31
The Income Tax Department is continuously appealing to the taxpayers to fill their ITR. It is being told by the department not to wait for the last date and complete this work as soon as possible. Actually, if the ITR is filed after the due date 31st July, then the taxpayer will have to pay a fine. Under this, if your income is more than Rs 5 lakh, then the amount of fine will be Rs 5,000. Whereas people with annual income below Rs 5 lakh will have to pay a fine of Rs 1,000.

More than three crore returns filed

 In a Business Today report, officials of the Income Tax Department have been quoted as saying that so far more than 3 crore taxpayers have filed ITR. At the same time, 40 lakh IT returns were filed in the weekend. Looking at this figure, it can be said that the appeal of the department is having an impact on the taxpayers. Let us tell you that the Income Tax Department has asked the taxpayers not to wait for the last date to file the return and complete this work as soon as possible.

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