Big officers of Income Tax were also involved in fake recruitment, evidence found, room number 329 was the center of fraud

In Lucknow The police have found strong evidence of involvement of senior officers of the department in the fake recruitment of Income Tax Inspector. This whole game of forgery happened from room number 329 of the headquarters. Sitting in this room, the main accused Priyanka cheated the unemployed. Collected money from them and gave them fake appointment letters. In the investigation of the case, the police has collected horoscopes of many officers. At the same time, some members of the gang who belong to non-province are pressing for their arrest. Apart from departmental officers, employees, employees of other government departments, lawyers and media persons are also included in the gang. Police is collecting their details.

The secret of fake recruitment of Income Tax Inspector is locked in room number 329 located at the headquarters of the department. The room has remained closed for most of the time since the forgery was exposed. According to sources, this room is allotted in the names of two senior officials. The close staff of these officers sit in it. The entry of any outsider is prohibited here. Despite this, Priyanka Mishra was operating such a big gang sitting in this room. However, during the initial investigation, the departmental officers tried to divert the investigation in this case by naming the cafeteria of the headquarters, but in the interrogation of the police, Priyanka revealed all the secrets. After this, the police started investigating the complete details of this room. According to the police, some employees associated with this room have been called for questioning.

Rupee transaction also done online

It was revealed in the investigation of the police that in the name of getting jobs from the unemployed, recovery of 50 thousand to 15 lakh rupees was made. Most of this amount was recovered in online installments. Its record is also in the hands of the police. Its complete information has also been obtained from the concerned online payment company, on the basis of which some officials have also come under the purview of the investigation. Payment has also been made in the account of these officers from this online number. At the same time, close relatives of some officers have done transactions of Rs. All these will be questioned by sending a notice.

Raid in non-province in search of four

The Hazratganj police probing the forgery have identified four people from outside the province who were active members of the gang. Many unemployed came in contact with Priyanka through them. His horoscope was investigated, in which many clues were found. On this basis, the police team is raiding Delhi, NCR, Haryana for their arrest.

Important role of officer posted in pickup building

The role of ‘Srivastava’, an officer posted in the Income Tax Department’s office at Pikup Bhavan, has also come to the fore. The record of the conversation between him and the main accused Priyanka is in the hands of the police. In the call details of two months, there were 50 conversations between ‘Srivastava’ and Priyanka. This conversation lasts from two to 12 minutes. Transactions in bank accounts between these two have also been confirmed. It was revealed in the investigation that it was the officer posted in Pikup Bhawan who got Priyanka to enter the headquarters. This officer has a lot of interference in the headquarters. He introduced Priyanka to the officers of the headquarters and provided all the facilities from sitting to sitting. According to sources, CBI inquiry is also going on against this officer.

cheated more than 100 people

Police investigation has revealed that the main accused Priyanka Mishra has not only duped seven unemployed people in the name of making them income tax inspectors, she has made 100-125 people victims. He has also accepted this. His gang’s network extends from Lucknow to Delhi.

this was the case
The fake recruitment to the post of Inspector in the Income Tax Department was revealed on 22 November. Forgery was going on openly in the Head Office Direct Tax Bhavan. Direct Tax Bhawan was called to give appointment letters to many unemployed. As soon as this was disclosed, the main accused and former contract worker Priyanka Mishra along with her two associates Suraj and Laxminarayan Chaturvedi were arrested.

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