As New Income Tax Portal is Not Functional, Professionals are Tweeting on “Provide GlitchFree Income Tax Portal”

As you know that after the launch of new income tax portal on 7th June 2021, it is not fully functional till date. All stakeholders are facing issues in the portal.

Today, professionals are tweeting on “#Provide_GlitchFree_Income_Tax_Portal”

Some of the tweets are mentioned as under:

CA Raj Bagri: Govt must understand difficulties faced by taxpayers & professionals while using Income Tax Portal. The glitches are not only continuing but increasing with new issues being reported. What will be the position of portal near to deadline?#Provide_GlitchFree_Income_Tax_Portal

CA Dinesh Bohra: Providing infrastructure is the responsibility of the F Ministry, but we are battling with the #newincometaxportal. Tomorrow when we will ask for an extension then our working ability will be questioned. Backlog is increasing with time. Pl #Provide_GlitchFree_Income_Tax_Portal

CA Pratibha Goyal:

This Independence Day, we tax professionals want freedom from glitches of new Income Tax Portal!



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