300 crore transaction from the Bank account of the mobile shop owner! Disclosure from Income Tax notice

Income Tax has given notice to the youth working as a computer operator in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh. The account of transactions of 300 crores has been asked from his accounts. Because, the accounts from which the transaction took place were opened with his Aadhar, PAN card. After reading the notice, the ground slipped under the feet of the young man, later he felt that his documents were misused. Complained to the SP and Indore commissioner in the matter. Here, Income Tax has called for hearing on March 15.

Praveen Rathor, a resident of Deshgaon, says that he used to work in a call center in Indore from the year 2011 to 2015. After leaving the job, he is working as a computer operator in a private company. His salary is also modest, which does not come under the purview of income tax. His senses are blown away by the notice of transaction of 300 crores rupees. I don’t understand what to do now. In this matter, the youth has also complained to Indore Commissioner and Khandwa SP. Working as a computer operator in a private company. During his job at a call center in Indore, he had given PAN cards and documents to the company. During this, PAN card was also compulsorily demanded.

Transaction of 300 crores took place in 6 months of the year 2013.

Praveen Rathore told that in April last year also the Income Tax Department Khandwa had given notice. In which the answer was sought for the transactions of Rs 300 crore in the accounts of Axis Bank. The second notice has been issued in November 2021. In 2013, two accounts were opened in two different branches of Axis Bank in the name of Romit Enterprises, Mumbai.

In which Praveen’s PAN card is shown. About 2.90 crore 45 lakh rupees have been transacted in these accounts for six months. The accounts opened on 28 June and 27 July 2013 in Andheri West branch were closed in December 2013. Who had opened these accounts, how their documents went to the account opener, it is not in their knowledge.

Never opened an account in Mumbai or Axis Bank.

Praveen Rathore says that he has never been to Mumbai in his life. Nor has he ever opened any account in Axis Bank. Praveen reached the Axis Bank office in Khandwa to get to the bottom of the matter and wanted to know about his alleged account. There he came to know that this account was opened in 2013. And after some time this account got closed after long transaction in it. Praveen’s PAN card has been used in this account, after which Praveen has reached Khandwa Superintendent of Police’s office and demanded to file a complaint of fraud with him in front of the police.

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  1. Similar incident happened to me in 2015. The amount was ₹25L. I simply filed my response with I.T. department, refusing any knowledge of the transaction with Axis Bank.

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