Stakeholders Views / Suggestions on ICSI New Syllabus 2023.

Dear Stakeholders,

The Institute undertakes revision of Company Secretary Course syllabus after every five years keeping in view the developments that are taking place in the financial, economic, social, technological, legal and regulatory environment in order to keep the upcoming professional
Company Secretaries updated so as to add value to the corporate sector, the industry, the regulators and other stakeholders.

Accordingly, the Existing Syllabus 2017 is to be revised in the light of the following factors:
• Alignment with National Education Policy including introduction of credit system, pedagogy
providing for experiential learning and skill based education
• Technology Enabled
• Student Centric: providing flexible course curriculum with more electives.
• Alignment with changing expectations of industry, regulators and other stakeholders
• Give more emphasis to areas which are not subject to technology automation.

The New Syllabus will be made effective from March, 2023 for Executive Programme and September, 2023 for Professional Programme respectively.

To make the new syllabus futuristic and student centric, we solicit your valuable
suggestions/opinions /comments on existing syllabus also keeping in view compliance automation and expectations of industry, regulators and students etc.

In this regard, we have developed a Questionnaire broadly focusing on the areas such as increasing or decreasing of Papers / Modules; more emphasis on specific laws catering to the profession of
Company Secretaries i.e., Company Law, Securities Laws, Intellectual Property Rights, Tax Laws etc., rather than covering several laws that may be having less or negligible relevance to the profession; inculcating experiential learning; inclusion of industry based project reports; Open Book Examinations (OBE) for more Papers etc.

Your valuable responses on the questions covering various crucial facets of New Syllabus 2023 will definitely play a pivotal role in enriching the new syllabus for Executive / Professional Programmes
with high quality knowledge and practical dimensions.

You are requested to submit your response latest by March 15, 2022 at following link:

CS Alka Kapoor
Joint Secretary (Senior Grade)
Directorate of Academics
The Institute of Company Secretaries of India

1 thought on “Stakeholders Views / Suggestions on ICSI New Syllabus 2023.”

  1. Hello
    I am student of icsi
    As per my opinion exicutive syllabus is well and good but for professional srudent advance tax law subject should be compulsory because otherwise no one students want to elect tax law paper and we lost expertise in tax prectice
    And it will create monopoly of CA in market

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