ICSI calls upon you to do your utmost to help the CS fraternity to overcome the pandemic

You are aware of the critical times the nation is going through. In the wake of the phenomenal surge of the Covid pandemic, most of the States are grappling to provide optimum care and treatment to people with serious illness due to shortage of hospital/ICU beds, oxygen, essential medicines, vaccine etc. It is imperative for all of us as good Samaritans and responsible citizens to join in the monumental efforts of the government to deal with the pandemic.

There is a dire need for all of us to come together at this crucial hour, pool our resources and help the society in any meaningful way, however small it may be. We can at least help the CS fraternity (members, students, employees of ICSI and their immediate family members) who or whose near and dear ones are / have been infected by the virus and could be looking desperately for some help.

It would be of immense assistance to any such person if you could let the Institute know of various oxygen suppliers in different cities. In case you are employed in / associated with any pharmaceutical company, insurance company or hospital then you could help your fellow brethren to get essential medicines, emergency admissions in hospitals, speedy insurance claim settlement.

You can share the necessary information through the Google form clicking at the link: https://forms.gle/yFr5Vc3UmwZDM6gD7

The information will be shared by the Institute with the CS fraternity at large through our website and mail.


The Institute is looking up to you. Together we shall overcome this difficult time.

Thanks and Regards,