Nandini Agarwal was always making rapid progress. She jumped two grades in school, passing the board exams for the 10th grade at age 13 and the 12th grade at age 15. At the age of 19, she also proudly received a Guinness World Record.

Agarwal was named the youngest female chartered accountant in the world by Guinness Records. She is from Morena, a tiny city in Madhya Pradesh. In the final CA exam, she scored at the top of the nation.

When she took her final CA exams in July 2021, she was only 19 years old. She achieved the top rank.

What was Nandini Agarwal’s score in the CA finals?In 2021, Nandini Agarwal passed the final test for chartered accounting with a score of 614 out of 800 (76.75%). She won the top slot after outshining 83,000 other applicants.

When Nandini was in class 11, a Guinness World Record holder paid a visit to her school. She began to fantasize about setting a record that would be challenging to surpass at that point. She focused her attention on one of the most demanding CA exams. 

It was difficult for Agarwal to find an apprenticeship since even small firms weren’t ready to take her at the age of 16. 

Agarwal said in an interview to TOI, that she had a good relationship with her brother and that he has contributed significantly to her career. She remembered him as her best supporter and cheerleader.

Naresh Chandra Gupta, her father is a tax practitioner, and her mother, Dimple Gupta, is a homemaker.