Inviting CA Students to Share the Story of Failure and Preparations to be Done by Them to Reduce Mistakes in Next Attempt

“Failure is the key to success, each mistake teaches us something”, someone has correctly quoted this.

Similarly you failed in your CA Foundation or Final examination announced yesterday does not mean that you can not achieve success in life. This actually means that you will teach from mistakes committed by you in the last attempt and will not commit these mistakes in next attempt.

So, by considering the above insightful view, Tax Concept is inviting CA Students to share their “story of failure and preparations to be done by you to reduce mistakes in next attempt” with the world. Your story will teach and inspire others in giving next attempt with full motivation and energy.

You failed in an attempt does not mean that you can not inspire others. I also faced failure 6 times.

Best wishes for your future endeavours.

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