Inspirational Story of A CA Student who lost his father but cleared CA Exams with his passion

Hello Guys,
My name is Pradnyesh and I am 20 years old and I am sharing my story as CA student and as an artist. By far most of the people know me as a beatboxer but I would like to mention that I am a CA student too. I have cleared IPCC group-1 and currently taking CA Final coaching along with Articleship and

I changed 4 schools and each school gave me reason to love school in its own way. I developed liking for performing at very early stage. I was quite good in sports too. I won State level Bronze in Karate and was a State player in Swimming. I used to love being on the stage during school for annual function or competitions. I really loved dancing back then and that made me participating in many competitions and eventually winning those. The love for performing continued when I joined college after school. While in college a dance group which I was a part of, performed for the movie promotion for “Classmates” a Marathi hit movie and got chance to dance along with the actors of the movie. Such events got me very close to the cultural activities happening in our college. I started spending a lot of time along with the cultural group in our college. During that period I developed an interest in theatre and got direction to Music in true sense. Those days were really precious, I remember going to college every day during class 11th and 12th and bunking lectures and spending whole time in cultural room. It was total new experience, every day I was learning something meeting new people, some were the professionals and some were just there to learn and experience things. It was all good until one day I saw some musicians practicing in college and I was awestruck hearing them. Looking at them I got to know what is possible if we peruse what we truly like. I approached them and guy beatboxing in that group named Bhavesh, I asked him about his art and on that day I decided to learn beatboxing anyhow. I started learning and practicing and experimenting new things with my vocals. I feel fortunate enough to get many opportunities to perform with many really talented musicians. While in college I also represented my college at District (zonals) and also University of Mumbai (finals) for “Western Group Song” category in 51st Inter collegiate Youth Festival 2018. But, after I started performing the real problem began. My parents both being professors, the primary expectation from me was to focus on my studies from the beginning. I haven’t been able to convince them even now, but they have become a little supportive from last year after noticing my few achievements.

Firstly I looked CA as a profession as a means to achieve my financial goal that I had in my mind, but slowly I developed liking for this profession during the learning process. I chose to continue with my studies as well as my hobby as I can’t do one without another. After joining CA I came to know about WICASA through a friend. He asked me to perform at one of the WICASA events. Ever since then I performed at many events including competitions, showcase, on CA Day itself and events of BCAS. Quite recently I got chance to be a part of Drama Team which represented entire Western Region of ICAI at the “National Talent Search” organised by ICAI held at Indore. We bagged a second price and also returned with the feather in a cap as we were the first team that represented WICASA at Nationals in our region. We were featured in the local newspaper for the event.

My family plays an important role in everything that I do in my life. They are really supportive and has sacrificed a lot. I becoming a CA is now my family’s dream as well. I remember my father had a severe Heart Attack just fifteen days before my IPCC exams. He was on bed in the middle of life and death and still telling me not to miss exams. Unfortunately he passed away just five days before my exams. I still decided to gather myself and gave the exams. In that attempt I cleared my IPCC group-1 for him. I still feel I haven’t achieved anything yet and just need to keep on moving forward in life, the bigger challenges are yet to come.

Lastly, in my personal opinion one should keep trying different things to find something that they really feel passionate about. That might be the escape to your daily routine or can give you all together a new career to pursue. It might be different from the most celebrated “Passions” today like Dance, Music or Fitness etc. We are controlled by our own self, just as an elephant is controlled by a single rope tied to his one leg. One should find their own interest and make it best out of it.

Thank you,

Pradnyesh Patil

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