If you are undergoing CA Articleship or about to commence one : this is for You!

Ever heard of Living your 3 years using the “D-O-P Approach”? Probably not, because this is not a textbook strategy, but one that I have curated out of my own experiences.

What is D-O-P?

Very simply, it is how you should aspire to learn & work in the :

1st Year : Hawk_eyed (D)ove

2nd Year : the (O)pportunist

3rd Year : the (P)rofessional.

Sounds scary? Trust me, it is great once you understand and relate.

Year 1 – Hawk eyed Dove

> Simply means-be humble and docile like a Dove since you are in a New World, but keep an eye for details like a Hawk!

> Focus on learning nuances of the job allotted. Pure basics-i.e which Website is refer for Law/Tax queries, inculcate habit to read Bare Acts, qs why to enter a specific data in a specific tab in the ITR form, etc Ask and get sorted with the silliest doubts-strengthen basics!

> Build rapport with your Seniors and Peers.Deliberate who do you rush to in case of doubts, who teaches you something new-even excel shortcuts!

Year 2 – The Opportunist

> The Best year! because you know basics, learn something new in Classes and can cumulatively apply. Grab onto opportunities for new assignments at the Firm, the rapport with Seniors will help you get those!

> Hustle and sweat ; Put in that extra 30 mins to build a new Excel formula and automate an old Senior’s worksheet-you will be certainly praised! (just with ITT course basics)

> Set a time to each task; you will not be able to do it initially but gradually you will know what time a task needs. Great skill learnt-Time management!

> Time to be a Taskmaster-manage classes,work,family, etc but don’t forget to squeeze in time for some fun memories as well 🙂

Year 3 – The Professional

> Aha! Time to think, live and “Act like a CA”, but with all humility! You will be the person that your Manager would look up to to train the next batch-great responsibility. Also, try sorting out your Career choice in this year.

> Learn to Delegate! You will think it’s a “15 min job”, better I complete it-but STOP!

This is not what a Good Leader does, instead guide your fellow now. Mark my words-teaching someone will give you a new idea and dimension about the same old routine job.

> Fulfill the tasks allotted end-to-end like a Professional, purpose of this year! Insurmountable feeling..

Hope this adds value. 🙂

Anything that you would like to add?

Thanks for reading my thoughts on “If you are undergoing CA Articleship or about to commence one : this is for You!”

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– Achala Agarwal

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