Are you a CA Aspirant waiting for results? Here are some tips on how to use this time as an opportunity!
Are you a CA Aspirant waiting for results? Here are some tips on how to use this time as an opportunity!

Time is the most precious resource which we all have. But what matters is how effectively we use it.

As the CA exams are over, some of those who gave both groups or only single group is pending and have appeared for the same and eagerly waiting for their results are free from studies now. Hence, it’s the right time to enhance your knowledge, upgrade your skills by learning new courses and pursuing your hobbies and passion.

Here are some of the ways to best utilize this time.

  • CA Foundation students can explore the various subjects of Intermediate and can categorize subjects as easy/ difficult and choose faculty based on the reviews from seniors /peers.
  • CA Intermediate students who appeared for both groups can start searching for the firms where they can pursue Articleship and can gain knowledge regarding the same on what kind of work exposure they will get in such firms and what skills are expected from articles. Also, they can complete their orientation and ITT trainings in this duration.
  • CA Final students who have completed their Articleship can complete their Advanced ITT or MCS training in this period. Besides this they can also even enhance their knowledge by learning new courses. They may also work in some industry or firms to gain more practical experience by getting employed as paid assistants. Also, they can start writing blogs/ content writing and earn money through content writing.

Some of the courses or areas in which one should gain knowledge are

❖ Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
❖ Become a Data Analyst
❖ Become a Financial Analyst
❖ Financial Statement Analysis and Report
❖ Enhancing Soft Skills and Personality
❖ BlockChain Technology and Accountancy
❖ Forensic Accounting and Fraud Detection
❖ Data Consolidation, Analysis using MS Excel etc

Here is a list of websites from where various courses can be learned and some of them are also available free of cost along with certificates.

And you can even start content writing on topics of your choice for some websites and they even pay you per word based on your writing skills. This way you can earn and learn as well by becoming a content writer.

The list of few websites for content writing are as follows: –

Finally, you must keep yourselves updated regarding various amendments by attending online webinars or by reading about the same. At the end I just want to say All The Best to all for your results and till then enjoy learning.

Thanks for reading my article “Are you a CA Aspirant waiting for results? Here are some tips on how to use this time as an opportunity!”


CA Shalini Passi

Newly Qualified CA who is enthusiastic about learning new things and tries to write articles that are easy to understand for professionals and the general public.