Breaking- It is Not Within the Purview of NFRA to Recommend that Audit of Certain Categories of Companies is Not Required: ICAI President

Govt ‘not willing to interfere’ in affairs of NFRA and ICAI

In today’s message to members of ICAI, ICAI President has said that as per Companies Act 2013 and NFRA Rules, it is not within the purview of NFRA to recommend that audit of certain categories of companies is not required.

He further stated that we are not communicated of any such thought process in the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).

He said, i request members to have patience and not to send diverse communication to NFRA or to the ministry individually. If you have any views on this matter, please write at

Dhanraj Sharma

Dhanraj Sharma is CEO of Tax Concept. He is on a Mission to Educate and Empower 10,000+ Professionals across the Country.

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