Big Update: Indian Institute Of Accounting (IIA) To Compete With ICAI

Indian Institute of Accounting (IIA) has been proposed by parliamentary panel offering competition to ICAI.

Students passing from IIAs will be given a license to practice (similar to CAs) and they will be called as Certified Professional Accountants (CPAs).

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    12 thoughts on “Big Update: Indian Institute Of Accounting (IIA) To Compete With ICAI”

    1. Very good move by the government of India to start IIA on par with IIT’s and IIM’s by which the monopoly of ICAI all these years 1949 to 2022( 73 years) will to some extent gets reduced.
      There is a fair chance of students shifting to IIA from ICAI if they can’t clear their final exams.

      1. Haha u make me sick u idiot

        Yea yea the run….Undeserving idiots will just u run away like you said bro!!! Good move ryt….Idiot!! Boomer!!

      2. There is no need to have paralel organisation with Institute of C A. Vvitvwik create unemployment for existing CA. Besides all on accounts are clubbed in syllabus of CA. Why then new institute? Yes if the govt thinks, it caanot check wrong doings and identify window dressing, it will be better to legislate a firensij audit at regular intervals for all listed orvunlisted companies.

    2. Priyanshu Verma

      We will always be with our ICAI…. monopoly does’nt matter for us they are not taking monetary advantages of their students….

    3. This initiative is an absolutely stupid thing. Those who wish to dilute the quality of education in India (the people with minds of ‘white ants’) who are trying to bring in the dilution. Already the quality of Indian students have deteriorated. With the advent of regional IIAs, the knowledge and competence will go down the tube.

      1. DO you realise sir how stupid you sound here? I wont go into the details but just to mention this simple fact to you…a 12th standard student would tell you that competition brings a quality enhancement and better efficiency in any structure, be it corporate or education. And just in case you mention your point of quality education here, have a look at the standard of some of the modules which our beloved institute publishes and then compare the examination papers which students have to face, maybe you will have a clearer picture of the current scenario. However you will continue to be deluded if you are a part of a herd which drives on without a vision, a purpose and a rational mind! 🙂

    4. Mahadevaswamy

      This will spoil the quality as many reservation MP seat, MLA seat etc will increase. Now the qiluality of CSs a great as their the best in class. It’s a wrong move by Govt.

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