A Professional named Sunil Goyal Posted About 10 Actions in this time of COVID if He Would President of ICAI

A professional named Mr. Sunil Goyal has posted that as a professional organisation of the country, it is the duty of the ICAI to do something for its members as well as citizens. He posted about 10 actions if he would President of ICAI.

1. Create Covid task force in each and every branch urgently.

2. Coordinate with Young CAs and CA students for volunteering help to professionals.

3. Coordinate with pharmaceutical company’s auditors, CFOs, CEOs and all chemist associates in each city pan India.

4. Urgently meeting and take help of Medical Council of India being a professional brother.

5. create team of 5 working in 3 shifts 8 hours each.

6. Ensure each and every CA member’s and student’s life safety.

7. Create an automation team with the help of Indian Institute of Technology.

8. Create a management team with Indian Institute of Management.

9. Do meeting with finance ministers to accept offer of all possible help to each and every Chartered accountant in India.

10. Ensure life safety of staff of ICAI.