GSTN statement on filing of GSTR-3B (October 2019) –  Dated 20th Nov. 2019

New Delhi : Certain complaints made yesterday on the social media regarding GSTN system not functioning are incorrect. GSTN assures that the GST Return filing system was working within expected limits. Had it not been so, how more than 11.52 lakh GSTR 3B (October) returns could have been filed yesterday on 19th Nov with about 1.82 lakh returns filed in a peak hour. Also, on 18th Nov more than 8.14 lakh returns were filed while today on 20th Nov more than 9.23 lakh GSTR 3B returns were filed by 4.00 pm and filing is going on smooth with 6.30 lakh returns filed between 12 to 4 pm.

Any online system has to have a load threshold and for GST return filing system it is at 1.5 lakh returns filing at a particular moment. If this threshold is reached then the site shows a message asking the taxpayer to wait for his turn in a few minutes.

Referring to complaints, it is stated that it could have been possible that some filers may have momentarily experienced being logged out at the load threshold of 1.5 lakh returns load at a particular point of time or some difficulty due to any local issue at the taxpayer filers’ end. But the GST return filing system has been working as expected and coherently and a total of more than 55.79 lakh returns were filed by 4.00 pm today.

The taxpayers are requested that they should not wait till the last three days to file their returns as normally there may be huge rush of return filing on these days. Rather they should file their return on days other than the last three days to avoid rush hour momentary difficulty in filing.

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