Breaking: Extension in Due Dates of Various GST Compliances for GST Taxpayers

Government has extended the dates of various compliances by Taxpayers under GST vide Notn No 12/2021-CT, dated 1st May, 2021, r/w Notn No 17/2021 CT dated 1st June, 2021Notn No 14/2021-CT, dated 1st May, 2021,r/w Notn No 24/2021-CT, dated 1st June, 2021Notn No 25/2021-CT, dated 1st June, 2021Notn No 26/2021-CT, dated 1st June, 2021.

The details are summarized below:

A. Filing of Form GSTR-1/IFF by Normal Taxpayers:


B. Filing of Returns by Composition, NRTP, ISD, TDS & TCS Taxpayers:

C. Filing of Form ITC-04: The due date for filing of Form GST ITC-04 (to be filed by Principal/Manufacturer for goods sent/received/supplied from Job Worker) for the quarter Jan-March, 2021, (due date 25th April, 2021) has been extended till 30th June, 2021

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