GST protest on flour, pulses, rice: 247 produce markets closed in Rajasthan, 2000 crore business affected

Agricultural traders across the country have opened a front against the 5% GST imposed by the central government on wheat, flour and food items. After this, on Saturday, agricultural traders across the country have announced a market shutdown against the government’s decision. Its wide impact is also visible in Rajasthan. Against GST, 247 agricultural produce markets, 140 rice mills, 860 dal miles, more than 600 anata miles and more than 30,000 small mills have been closed in the state. Due to which the business of more than two thousand crores is being affected in the state.

Babulal Gupta, National Chairman of Indian Industry Board of Trade said that bringing unbranded food products under the purview of GST will further increase inflation. Which will have a direct impact on the pockets of the common man along with the traders. In such a situation, till the government does not withdraw the GST applicable on food items. Our protest will continue. Gupta said that today 7300 agricultural produce markets, 13 thousand pulse mills, 9,600 rice mills, 8 thousand flour mills and more than 30 lakh small mills have been kept closed across the country. Due to which business worth crores is being affected.

 common man already upset

 Trader Ravi Bagra of Krishi Up Mandi told that due to Corona, trade and business are already going through financial condition. Due to which the loans given by the traders are not being returned. At present, the common man does not have money to buy salmon for everyday necessities. At the same time, by increasing the GST, the government has done the work of directly cutting the pockets of the public. Which the common man along with the traders will not tolerate under any circumstances. But if the government still did not withdraw this decision. So the government will have to bear the loss in the coming elections.

Preparation to collect 5% GSAT from 18th July

In fact, in the meeting of the GST Council held recently, it was decided to impose GST on items of everyday use (goods). In the meeting, 5% GST was implemented on packaged food including flour, rice, pulses, maida, semolina, jaggery, puffed rice, makhana. Due to which the price of everyday products like pulses, flour, rice as well as things like packed curd, butter, lassi, buttermilk, shrikhand and jaggery will increase by Rs 1 to 15. At the same time, from July 18, the Central Government will start Pre. GST will be implemented at five per cent on food products including packaged and pre-labeled food such as pulses, rice, atta, maida, semolina, jaggery, puffed rice, makhana.

their price will also increase

Earlier, GST was not applicable on tetra packed curd, lassi and butter milk. From July 18, GST will be applicable on these at the rate of 5%.

18% GST will be levied on the fees charged by the banks on issuance of check book.

 A room rented above Rs 5,000 (non-ICU) in a hospital will now attract 5% GST.

Maps and charges including atlas will also attract GST at the rate of 12 per cent.

 12 per cent GST will be levied on hotel rooms renting less than Rs 1,000 per day. Earlier there was no GST on them.

The GST on LED lights, LED lamps will be increased from 12 percent to 18 percent.

Blades, paper scissors, pencil sharpeners, spoons, forked spoons, skimmers and cake-servers etc. will attract GST at the rate of 18 per cent. At present, 12 per cent GST is being levied on them.

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