Great News: CBIC Issues Guidelines For Disallowing Use Of Electronic Credit Ledger Under Rule 86A Of The CGST Rules 2017

CBIC, on 2nd November 2021, has issued guidelines for disallowing use of Electronic Credit Ledger under Rule 86A of the CGST Rules 2017.

The board said, doubts have been raised by the field formations on various issues pertaining to disallowing debit of input tax credit from electronic credit ledger, under Rule 86A of the Rules. Further, Hon’ble High Courts in some cases have emphasized the need for laying down guidelines for the purpose of invoking rule 86A.

The board further said, the Commissioner. or an officer authorised by him, not below the rank of Assistant commissioner, must form an opinion for disallowing debit of an amount from electronic credit ledger in respect of a registered person. only after proper application of mind considering all the facts of the case, including the nature of prima facie fraudulently availed or ineligible input tax credit and whether the same is covered under the grounds mentioned in sub-rule (l) of rule 86A’ as discussed in para 3.1.2 above; the amount of input tax credit involved; and whether disallowing such debit of electronic credit ledger of a person is necessary for restricting him from utilizing/ passing on fraudulently availed or ineligible input tax credit to protect the interests of revenue.

Rule 86A of the CGST Rules, 2017 provides that in certain circumstances, Commissioner or an officer authorised by him, on the basis of reasonable belief that credit of input tax available in the electronic credit ledger has been fraudulently availed or is ineligible, may not allow debit of an amount equivalent to such credit in electronic credit ledger.

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