Government Reduces Compliance Burden For GST Taxpayers

In a good news, the Ministry of Finance on Sunday announced new relaxations for the goods and services tax (GST) taxpayers. Taking to Twitter, the Ministry said that taxpayers with Annual Aggregate Turnover (AATO) up to Rs 5 crore are not required to file the reconciliation statement in Form GSTR-9C for fiscal year (FY) 2020-21 onwards.

Ministry also provided relief to taxpayers AATO above Rs 5 crore.  Taxpayers AATO above Rs 5 crore can now self-certify the reconciliation statement in Form GSTR-9C for FY 2021-21 onwards, instead of getting it certified by a charted /cost accountant.

Meanwhile, taxpayers having AATO upto Rs 2 crore only are now not required to file Annual Return (Form GSTR-9) for FY 2021-21.

Earlier on December 1, the Ministry of Finance had informed that GST revenue of Rs 1,31,526 crore collected in November was the second-highest since the implementation of GST, second only to that in April 2021, which related to year-end revenues and higher than last month’s collection, which also included the impact of returns required to be filed quarterly.

This includes Central GST which is Rs 23,978 crore, State GST which is Rs 31,127 crore and International GST which is Rs 66,815 crore, Rs 32,165 crore collected on import of goods and Cess of Rs 9,606 crore (including Rs 653 crore collected on import of goods), the Ministry said.

4 thoughts on “Government Reduces Compliance Burden For GST Taxpayers”

    1. With one nation one tax slogan , all other taxes including income tax must be done away with . If ED, CBI raid and recover the trillion of crores of public looted money from antinational dacoit congress its allies leaders and fake dynast fmly, India will have surplus revenue, and we the people of India will not have to pay taxed for atleast 25 yrs. …illegally amassed wealth must be recovered from the looter and cheater politicians and govt officials. A clerk in govt office amass crores, commissioners and collector level babus amassing thousands of crores, ministers, cheap ministers thousands of crores, if this huge looted booty is recovered, India will be one of the richest country in the world.


    Useful decision. And one more request to the chief of Finance , the levy on non filing of C forms is more burden to the small tax payers and unable to run the unit as well as to generate village level employment. So please take a note on this, please vaive the quantum of amount against non submission of C forms. Thank you so much for your valuable decision and growth of poor and village level micro level entrepreneurs.

  2. Rajan Narasimhachari

    My suggestion to the GST council is to waive the burden of complying with the requirement of buyers being penalized if the seller does not pay the taxes or file returns. This should be enforced by the GST officials. Instead the buyers who have paid the taxes are being penalized for no fault of theirs.

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