Alert: You May Loss Your Personal Data And Money By Clicking On This Fake Message

Fake Message Alert: Social media is a very good tool of information for us, but we should be very careful in its use. One wrong decision of yours leads you to big loss. Do not blindly believe all the information available on social media. Nowadays one such message is becoming viral on social media, in which it is being said that the government will give loans at low interest rates.

What is the claim

A message is becoming increasingly viral on social media, in which it is being said from the government to give cheap loans on Aadhar card. It has been claimed in this message that under the PM scheme, the government is giving loans at the rate of 2 percent. Along with this, 50 percent discount has also been said in it.

What is the truth of the claim

PIB investigated this message which is becoming increasingly viral on social media and found that this message is completely fake. The government is not running any such scheme. PIB said in its fact check that the claim of giving loan from Aadhar card under PM scheme is fake.

Do not share such messages

Describing this message that has gone viral on social media as completely fake, PIB also asked people to be alert. PIB asked people not to forward such messages. By being misled by such messages, you put your personal information and money at risk.