e- Way Bill – Launch of e-way Bill blocking/un­blocking history facility in ACES-GST Application -Reg

View e-Way Bill Blocking/Un-Blocking History

The Bengaluru Zonal Unit of Directorate General of Systems and Data Management has been entrusted with the development of e-way bill module in the ACES-GST system. Un-blocking of the e-Way bill functionality (ewb­06 form) has been rolled out w.e.f 28.11.2020. However, the MIS report on blocking/un-blocking history taxpayer wise at Commissionerate level is being uploaded in Antarang portal on a daily basis. With the launch of the current functionality, tax officers can view the blocking/un-blocking history of a particular taxpayer in the ACES-GST application.

2.0 Brief on the functionality

Accordingly, a feature to view the e-Way bill blocking/un-blocking history of a tax payer is developed and is being rolled out. The feature is enabled at Pan India Level. It has the following interfaces to search the e-Way bill history of a tax payer.

1. Search by GSTIN

2. Search by PAN

3. Search by Business Legal Name

4. Search by Trade Name

5. Search by Mobile Number

6. Search by E-mail id

The feature will display the Blocking/Un-blocking History and the Application History for the selected period in respect of a taxpayer. This feature is being rolled out with the following download options.

1. E-way bill blocking history of a Taxpayer

2. E-way bill application history of a Taxpayer

3.0 User Manual:

The step-by-step procedure in this regard has been detailed in the User Manual attached with this Advisory.

4.0 Mapping the ACL Permission Set:

The ACL Admins of the executive Commissionerates are advised to link “E-WAY BILL View Block Unblock History” permission set to the field formation officer SSOID’s to start using this feature.

5.0 Availability of the functionality in ACES-GST and Feed back

The functionality will be available for use by the field formations w.e.f. 02.03.2021. Feedback on the same may be sent to Directorate General of Systems and Data Management, Bengaluru Zonal Office, Bengaluru (email id:dgsystems-bengaluru@gov.in). For any technical queries please reach CBIC mitra helpdesk at cbicmitra.helpdesk@icegate.gov.in.

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