e-Invoicing under GST: How to Resolve Duplicate IRN Issue?

e-Invoicing under GST is currently the big thing every business is talking about.

Introducing e-Invoicing to the businesses whose aggregate turnover stands above 50 Cr. is a clear indication that the government is intended to bring all the businesses irrespective of their annual turnover, under the ambit of e-Invoicing.

W.e.f April 1st, 2021 the e-invoicing enabled businesses has seen a sharp upward curve and so are the questions about e-Invoicing.

In this article, we have tried to pinpoint a specific error commonly faced by the businesses while generating their e-Invoices from the IRP portal.

Error 2150- Duplicate IRN is the error which we will be talking about. We will also give you 100% working solutions to resolve your ‘Duplicate IRN’ error.

Stick till the end to get all your questions, answered.

What Does Duplicate IRN Mean?

There can be instances when there are two invoices get generated with the same Invoice Reference Number (IRN).

When the e-Invoicing portal receives any two invoices with the same Invoice Reference Number (IRN), the portal returns the Error 2150 –Duplicate IRN.

Most probable reasons for this anomaly:

  • The taxpayer attempts to register a document that has already been generated before.
  • This previously generated e-Invoice under GST has the IRN number which is recognized by the e-Invoice portal.
  • When a user tries to re-attempt to register the same document, the e-Invoice portal returns the Error Code- 2150- Duplicate IRN.

Such errors are very common when a business tries to upload the invoices manually to the IRP portal.

When there are multiple invoices to be dealt with and to be uploaded to the IRP portal, it is quite likely that the same invoice is uploaded more than once.

Businesses should prefer e-Invoicing software to avoid such errors and save their time.

Dealing with the Error 2150-Duplicate IRN on e-Invoice Portal

There are two major scenarios in which you may encounter Error 2150.

Follow the table below to understand them.

ScenarioWhat to do?
IRN is generated &received by the ERP of the taxpayer from the IRP portalYou should ‘SAVE’ the generated IRN on your billing system or the ERP system.   Avoid re-triggering the transactionagain.
IRN is generated but NOTreceived by the ERP of the user from the IRP portalUse GET IRN APIs provided by the e-Invoicing portal to fetch the original IRN

Let us discuss the two mentioned scenarios in detail and we will give you a quick fix for your queries pertaining to these scenarios.

Category 1:IRN generated by IRP and also received by the ERP system

Businesses tend to encounter this situation frequently while uploading their invoices & generating IRN from the IRP portal.

In the first instance of uploading the invoice becomes successful and also the IRN gets generated from the IRP portal. This IRN is also received on the ERP of the taxpayer.

But many times, the same invoice is again uploaded on the IRP portal which then returns the Error 2150 – Duplicate IRN message.

Error handling 1:Just ‘SAVE’ it!

  • Save the received IRN number corresponding to the uploaded invoice in your respective ERP solutions or the Billing systems.

This simple habit will help you in avoiding duplication of your IRNs and also will act as a ‘Record’ for all your newly generated e-Invoices.

  • Use a marker or a flag to identify the transaction as ‘IRN Received‘.
  • Use your automated ERP system to customize the e-Invoice generation process in such a way that any IRN once generated shall not be uploaded to the IRP portal again.

Such customizations are available in the e-Invoicing solution, where you can directly generate e-Invoice right from your ERP like Tally.

This automated solution will save you a lot of time & efforts when there are bulk invoices to be uploaded on the IRP portal.

Category 1: IRN generated but NOT received by the ERP of the taxpayer

Businesses may NOT receive the IRN to their ERP even once & on retrying to generate the IRN, the e-Invoice portal returns Error 2150- Duplicate IRN error.

 Why does this happen?

Although there is no specific reason we can pinpoint, there are some probable explanations to explain why this could have happened:

  1. Network failure between the e-Invoicing portal and the ERP on the business side.
  2. Technical challenges on the e-Invoice portal due to malfunctioning of the portal.

This is a serious challenge & can cause severe damage to the sales side of the business & the working capital of the business.

Error handling 2:Using GET IRN APIs

To address such errors& to increase the efficiency of the overall e-Invoice generation process, the government has introduced ‘GET IRN API’.

Now, without going into much technical aspect of it let me inform you that APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are nothing but ajoining link between your ERP system (eg Tally) and the Invoice Registration Portal (IRP).

What does this GET IRN API does?

The name itself suggests that this API gets or fetches something.

Now, what does it fetch?

It simply fetches the original IRN details from the IRP portal ifin case there is a failure in receiving the same.

Where do I get this API?

The answer is simple; you can get these APIs from any government-appointed and authorized GST Suvidha Provider (GSP).

GSPs get these raw APIs from the Government directly.

These raw APIs are then enhanced with improved features like advanced reconciliations, validation checks for the data, etc.

You can find the APIs for all your e-Invoicing needs, here.

In a Nutshell

e-Invoicing is the new normal!

We have to find a comfortable & feasible solution to ease the e-Invoice generation process.

Automated solutions & services from authentic GST Suvidha Providers can ease your efforts and save your time & resources and also protect your business from further tax complications.

An automated solution like GSTHero can help you in all your e-Invoicing needs.GSTHero connectorallows you to integrate your ERP directly to the e-Invoicing portal.

This way you can generate an e-Invoice right from your ERP without visiting the IRP portal even once!

Stay updated, stay ahead!

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