Auto-population of E-invoice Details into GSTR-1

Auto-population of E-invoice Details into GSTR-1

GSTN has informed on 13th November 2020 that E-invoice details will be auto-populated in GSTR-1. The full text is as follows :

Certain notified taxpayers have to prepare and issue their invoices by obtaining Invoice Reference Number (IRN) from Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) (commonly referred as ‘e-invoices’).

Upon successful generation of IRN, details of such e-invoices will be auto-populated in respective tables of GSTR-1. The details of e-invoices available for auto-population along with status of auto-population can also be downloaded as excel file.

To effect this, certain tabs/labels are being added on GSTR-1 dashboard and screens. (Those taxpayers for whom e-invoicing is not applicable may ignore these changes.)

For the period of October, 2020, the e-invoice details would be processed incrementally from 13th November, 2020. The processing of details of e-invoices/IRNs generated till 31st October, 2020 is expected to take upto 10 days.

The processing of documents, dated in October, 2020, has no effect on filing of GSTR-1 for October. The taxpayers are advised not to wait for auto-population but file GSTR-1 for October, on their own (if not filed already). However, there is an option to download the details of October-dated documents through excel file:‘Download details from e-invoice (Excel)’ button (available at the bottom portion of GSTR-1 dashboard).

Taxpayers are requested to verify the documents present in the excel and may share feedback on GST Self Service Portal, on below aspects :

  • All documents reported to IRP are present in excel
  • Status of each e-invoice/IRN is correct
  • All the details of document are populated correctly

For the period of November, 2020, the e-invoices generated (i.e. the documents dated in the Month of November) will be auto-populated into GSTR-1 in incremental manner and the process for whole month will be completed by 2nd Dec, 20 (i.e. on T+2 basis).

The detailed advisory with methodology of auto-population etc. is made available on the GSTR-1 dashboard (‘e-invoice advisory’) and also e-mailed to relevant taxpayers.

You can also download advisory from here. Click here to download Advisory

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