Auto-populated GSTR-3B from October 2020 Onwards

GSTN has informed on 11th November 2020 that auto-populated GSTR-3B is now available on GSTN Portal from October 2020 onwards.

The full text is as follows :

GSTN has earlier introduced Form GSTR-2B, a static statement with details of ITC available for a tax period, for the benefit of taxpayers. GSTR-2B is an auto-drafted Input Tax Credit (ITC) statement generated for every recipient, on the basis of the information furnished by their suppliers, in their respective Form GSTR-1 & 5 and Form GSTR-6 filed by ISD. Click here for details.

GSTN has also introduced a facility to download pdf statement to taxpayers, who are filing monthly GSTR-1 statement, with system computed values of Table 3 of Form GSTR-3B. This PDF will be prepared on the basis of the values reported by them, in their GSTR-1 statement, for the said tax period. Click here for details.

In continuation of the return linkage project, GSTN has now introduced auto-populated Form GSTR-3B in PDF format, for benefit of the taxpayers. The auto-populated PDF of Form GSTR-3B will consist of :-

  • Liabilities in Table 3.1(a, b, c and e) and Table 3.2 from Form GSTR-1
  • Liability in Table 3.1(d) and Input Tax Credit (ITC) in Table 4 from auto-drafted ITC Statement from Form GSTR-2B.

This facility is made available in Form GSTR 3B dashboard from October 2020 tax period onwards.

This facility will become available for taxpayers who are registered as Normal taxpayer, SEZ Developer, SEZ unit and casual taxpayer.

The system generated PDF will be made available on GSTR-3B dashboard. Taxpayers will be able to access their Form GSTR-3B (PDF) through: Login to GST Portal > Returns Dashboard > Select Return period > GSTR-3B> System Generated 3B.

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  1. Government’s another attempt to ease compliance burden – Auto-population of GSTR 3B from GSTR 1 and 2B . Thanks for the information for the same .

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