Good News! No Need To Visit Bank Branch For SBI YONO Business App

If you want to use SBI YONO Business then this news is for you. Today we will tell you how you can easily register yourself on this app (Yono Business App). Yono Business app has been launched by State Bank of India, whose basic objective is to provide platform to Corporate and SME i.e. small and medium scale entrepreneurs. Here these customers will be able to use banking facilities easily. Actually, customers using this app will not have to use different banking portals or apps.

SBI launches YONO Business APP

YONO Business APP launched by SBI is one such latest app in which new technology and digital services have been included. With this, customers can use it easily. Through this single app, corporate customers get the benefit of many features like Corporate Internet Banking, eTrade, Supply Chain Finance, Cash Management Products and eForex etc.

This app is effective for these customers

Actually, the Yono app is for customers with SBI Savings Account and YONO Business has been introduced for current account and corporate customers. In this app, customers get the facility of SBI Internet Banking. Customers with PM e Mudra and SBI e Mudra Loan can also use this app.

Great Features of YONO Business App 

  • SME customers can take pre-approved loans through this app.
  • It takes less forex related services and transaction time. In this, forex services and transactions have been made completely digital. In this, the customer is given an e-Forex dashboard in which he can see his active orders and deals related to Forex. Corporate customers can also see the latest market trends from this app. Customers can also book their forward contracts online without visiting the branch through the e-Forex portal. And you can cancel it too. 
  • Due to the advanced API technology of this app, customers can do real time rate booking. Old customers can place a request from import to insurance to take credit through this app in just 10 minutes. Many fields are automatically opened in this app. In this app, customers can easily upload digital documents. Multiple requests can be made on this app with a single click. In this, customers can see the status of their application online.
  • Customers can change anything online in their LC through this app. You can also close the LC.

How to do YONO SBI Business Registration?

  • If you are an existing customer of SBI and you have a current account then you can use ‘yono business’.
  • To register yourself on this app, first go to ‘’.
  • Now click on register button on Yonobusiness home page.
  • Now here first enter your corporate details.
  • Now select ‘Single User’ or ‘Multi User’.
  • If your company is small and you operate the account alone then select Single User and if your company is big then select Multi User.
  • Now validate it by entering your account number on the next page.
  • In the next step, choose what product and service you want.
  • Now enter all your details being asked here.
  • Now you see your details on ‘preview’ and then submit.
  • After this download all the PDF forms and take a print out of them.
  • Now verify your signature on all the print outs.
  • Now submit these documents to your home branch.
  • If you want, you can check the status of your application anytime by clicking on ‘registration & application’.
  • After this, the bank will check all your details and validate them.
  • After validating, the bank will give you the user id and password.
  • After this you will be able to use YONO Business App anytime.