Good News! Google Pay has launched a new feature for users

Google Pay has been known for bringing innovation in payment technology.NFC stands for near-field communication.The NFC technology lets users transact without the need to swipe a card physically.

Google Pay has launched a new feature Tap to Pay for users. With this, users can make payments without even scanning any QR code. With this, payment can be done in just one tap.

Funds can be transferred through UPI using the Tap to Pay option of Google Pay. Regarding this feature, the company said that the Tap to Pay feature has been released to make payments easily.

You must have seen this feature on bank cards where users pay by tapping the card on the POS machine. A similar payment function is already available on Samsung Pay. Google Pay has launched this feature in association with Pine Labs.

The company has said that instead of scanning a QR code or giving a UPI-linked mobile number, users just have to tap the phone at the POS terminal to make payment. After this the user has to enter his UPI PIN and the payment process will be completed.

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