CCI imposes monetary penalty on Google; Why was Google fined?

Google was heavily fined in October. This fine was imposed by the Competition Commission of India (CCI). Now Google has said that it will go to the National Company Law Appellate Tribunal (NCLAT) against the fine of more than Rs 2200 crore imposed on the company.

Let us tell you that in October this year, Google was fined twice in a single week. This fine was imposed by CCI for anti-competitive practice in India. A total fine of Rs 2274 crore was imposed on the company. Google is accused of taking advantage of its top position in the Android space to keep itself ahead of the competition.

Earlier it was fined Rs 1337 crore for anti-competitive practice. Then the company was fined Rs 936.44 crore for the same reason. That means the company was fined a total of Rs 2274 crore.

Google has been fined twice. Here we are telling you the reason for both the fines in turn. Google has been accused of taking unfair advantage of its position in the Android ecosystem.

CCI has fined it for anti-competitive practice related to Play Store policy. Due to the Google Play Store policy, Google gets benefit from the apps released in the market.

Due to Google policy, app developers are able to give only the option of Google Play Billing System i.e. GPBS to users for purchase on Android app. The developer does not have an alternative payment method option or direct link.

That is, even if users want to, they cannot pay the developer with a credit or debit card other than Play Store billing. Users are also not encouraged to purchase digital items outside the app.

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