Problems faced by customers in EPFO’s e-nomination: website is not opening, thousands of members complained on social media

Its members are facing huge difficulties in filing nomination for the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO). Its website is down for hours and hours. Even if it is opened somehow, it tells a connection problem.

Companies are putting pressure on employees

In fact, most companies have asked their employees to file their e-nomination at the earliest. This means that if something happens to you suddenly, the family will get the Provident Fund money in case of your absence. You can nominate whomever you want for this.

No nominee is required for advance claim

For this, the companies have asked the employees to do it quickly. Earlier it was such that the last date to file was being said till December 2021. However, on the contrary, the EPFO ​​has said on its website that there is no last date for this and the member can file it whenever he wants. Along with this, it has also said that you do not need a nominee for advance claim.

Most people visiting the website

Despite EPFO ​​saying so clearly, companies are continuously pressurizing their employees for this work. In such a situation, most of the people are going to its website. However, EPFO ​​has said on the complaints of customers that it is working fast on it and will solve this problem soon.

The current interest rate on PF is 8.5%

The current interest rate on PF is 8.5%. Recently the Supreme Court has also given a decision. It has said that if there is a delay in depositing money in your PF, then the company will compensate it. Its direct impact will be on 6 crore members of EPFO. On the other hand, the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) will meet in the month of March regarding its interest rates. In this, it may be decided to increase or decrease the interest rates for the next financial year.