EPS’95 benefits are available to both existing and new epf members…


  • Member Pension upon superannuation at the age of 58 years.
  • Early Member Pension from age of 50 years (Only if unemployed).
  • Disablement Pension on permanent and total disablement of member during service.
  • Widow/Widower Pension on death of Member [including under 1st Proviso to Para 12(8)] or Pensioner.
  • Children Pension for 2 children at a time till the age of 25 years on death of the member/pensioner.
  • Orphan Pension to 2 orphans at a time till the age of 25 years on death of a member/pensioner when there is no spouse or on death of spouse.
  • Disabled Children/Orphan Pension for the entire life of the disabled child/orphan.
  • Nominee Pension on death of member and paid for life to a person duly nominated by the member in case there is no family as defined under EPS, 1995.
  • Pension to dependent father/mother upon death of a member provided there is no family or nominee of the member.