Relevance of Blue tick on WhatsApp for Sending Legal Notices

The High Court of Bombay in a case called SBI & Payment services Pvt. Ltd v. Rohit Jadhav ((2018) 3 RCR (civil) 406.) has commented that the defaulter had not only received the notice via WhatsApp but also opened that notice. Then Bombay High Court held that legal notice sending through WhatsApp and if blue tick is seen over the WhatsApp messaging app is considered as a valid proof that the respondent had received that notice and this is considered as a valid evidence.

Moreover the Supreme court has also given nod to the same. Therefore, it is no more mandatory to send Legal notices via speed post/ Courier. Sending Legal notices via whatsapp is sufficient. In case user has disabled the blue tick feature, then one can e-mail/fax the defaulter.

There was a common practice where people intentionally used to refuse receiving the legal notice and play tactics, so this issue also has been resolved now as courts have recognized the process of sending Legal notice via whatsapp, mail, fax.

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