Have You Got Fake Corona Vaccine? Government Issues Guidelines- How to Identify the Real

Corona vaccination program is being run amidst cases of corona infection around the world. Meanwhile, the news of Corona’s fake vaccine has raised questions in the minds of the experts as well as the common people. People are afraid that they too have got the fake corona vaccine. On behalf of the World Health Organization, it has been said that fake versions of the corona vaccine Covishield made by AstraZeneca and Oxford, found in South East Asia and Africa, have been found.

Vaccination target may affect

Amidst all these concerns, the central government has issued guidelines for the states regarding the identification of fake corona vaccines present in the market. Currently, three corona vaccines are available in the market, Covashield, Bharat Biotech manufactured Covaxin and Russian vaccine Sputnik V being prepared by Serum Institute.

The following criteria have been set by the Union Health Ministry to identify whether the vaccine is real or fake:


The bottle will have the following details:

  • Product Label of SII

  • The name of the brand (Covishield) along with the trademark

  • Generic name letter will not be bold

  • The label shall be dark green in color with an aluminum flip off seal

  • CGS Knowl for Sale will be stamped.


  • The vial will have a UV helix (DNA-like structure) which can be seen under ultraviolet light

  • The X spelling of Covaxin will show the green foil effect of X

  • The holographic effect will also be seen in the spelling of Covaxin.

Sputnik V

Sputnik V, the Russian vaccine coming to India, has been imported from two different plants. In such a situation, the name of the manufacturing company in both the levels will be different. Other than that all other information will remain the same.