Big Alert! Government issued a warning to central employees regarding pension and gratuity

Amidst the gifts of DA and bonus to central employees, the government has also issued a stern warning. In this, it has been said to be vigilant about work and not to be careless and in doing so, instructions have been given to stop pension and gratuity after retirement. At present, this order will be applicable to the central employees, on which the states can also implement.

The Central Government has said in a notification issued recently that if the Central employees are found guilty of any serious offense or negligence during their service, then their gratuity and pension will be stopped after retirement. These instructions have been issued under the Central Civil Services (Pension) Rule 2021. The Central Government had recently changed Rule 8 of the CCS (Pension) Rules 2021, in which these new provisions have been added.

Information about the changes in the rules from the Center has also been sent to all the concerned authorities. In this it has been said that if the information of the guilty employees is received, then action should be initiated to stop their pension and gratuity.

Who will take action

– President who has been involved in the appointing authority of the retired employee. They will have the right to stop gratuity or pension.
Secretaries who are attached to the Ministry or Department under which the retiring employee has been appointed. They will also have the right to stop pension and gratuity.
If an employee has retired from the Audit and Accounts Department, then the CAG will have the right to stop the pension and gratuity of the guilty employees after their retirement.

Such action can be taken

According to the change in the rules on October 7, the competent authorities will have the right to stop the pension or gratuity or both partly or wholly of the found guilty employees. If any departmental or judicial action is taken against these employees during the job, then it will also be necessary to inform the concerned officers. If an employee is re-employed after retirement, then the same rules will apply to him.

If an employee has taken the payment of pension and gratuity after retirement and is found guilty, then full or partial amount of pension or gratuity can be recovered from him. It will be assessed on the basis of loss caused to the department. If the authority wants, the pension or gratuity of the employee can be stopped permanently or even for some time.

Suggestions will have to be taken before the final order Any authority will have to take suggestions from the Union Public Service Commission before giving the final order. Further, in any case where pension is withheld or withdrawn, the minimum amount should not be less than Rs 9000 per month, which is already prescribed under Rule 44.

5 thoughts on “Big Alert! Government issued a warning to central employees regarding pension and gratuity”

  1. Poornima Kishore

    The govt can begin with financial irregularities by govt employees. It may not be difficult to catch hold of employees with disproportionate assets.
    This may not have anything to do with misuse of power by seniors, it’s all there on paper! And mark my word more than 95 percent govt employees of Madhya Pradesh will have to go pensionless. You may start with universities of MP , recover the unaccountable wealth and MP will be the richest state in India if not the world!

  2. Rakesh Mehrotra

    Stoppage of post retirement benefits should be very forcefully implemented for not only corrupt but also for non performers and shirkers.
    Simultaneously, systems have to be developed to monitor &report regularly / mandatorily about misconduct of officials .Whistle blowing should be rewarded . It is well known that only 1% of cases get reported for any action

    Universities and colleges may have few officially categorised as corrupt but a lot who due to lax administration and student apathy have no sense of duty & are perpetually on french leave apart from engaging in other fulltime / part time business/ coaching . Such people donot deserve even monthly salary and other allowances.

  3. Judges should be included in this. They don’t give decision fast even in civil cases. They are perfect on giving next date. Civil cases are pending for more than 22 years. These types of cases pass onto next generation. Strict rules need to implement on them too.

  4. What about the pension of the MPs, MLAs, they are the most corrupt and drawing pension after one tenure itself.

  5. What’s a essential provision to correct and purify the system! Again here while implemting the said provision, an interim cross system to check ethical working of such reporting authorities is required to check corruption by such authorities, otherwise while reporting such irregularities on the part of employees may create one more scope/avenue for corruption by such authorities making undue targetting Or harassing women employees unethically.

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