What is COVID-19 Hotspot Area?

A geographical area where six or more people test positive for corona virus is considered as a COVID-19 Hotspot.

In such areas, stepping out from home including visits to grocery stores, pharmacies, ATM and bank are prohibited. However, home delivery of grocery and other essentials are allowed.

How will declaring an area hotspot help in the fight against COVID-19?

Declaring hotspots helps authorities to identify and treat infected people and prevent community spread.

The declaration of area as a hotspot may reduce community transmission of the deadly virus. People who are active carriers of the virus might also be traced easily in a short span of geographical area.

What are the Penal Provisions for Violating COVID-19 Lockdown?

The following images are showing the penal provisions for violating COVID-19 Lockdown. Please read carefully and share with others :