Suggestions for Some Changes in Education Policy

Mamta Arora, a CA finalist, has suggested some changes in the education policy related to commerce students. Have a look at these suggestions :

Education is the most important aspect of our lives. The quality of education should not be compromised by any nation because it plays a vital role in boosting up the economy. One of the biggest hindrances in the success of the Indian economy is brain drain. Most students prefer to go abroad for their higher studies or for getting a job as they do not see any opportunities for them in the home country. Though the concerned ministry has taken up measures to bring changes in the education system, these changes will take time to get incorporated.

One of the important aspects of quality
education is practical training which our education system is lacking. It is not the case with professional courses, but at 10+2 level, it is missing in the commerce stream especially. Like science students experiment in the labs, commerce students must also be given some practical training. For example, lets take the example of an 11th grade student. An 11th grade student is hardly of the age of 16 years, therefore it is obvious that they do not anything about how the business is conducted in real life. He/ she is taught about Bank Reconciliation statement but it is possible that he/she might never have
drafted a cheque or visited the bank to drop the cheques for clearing till this age. It is obvious that they don’t know about the bill of exchange and discounting fees etc. So what do they do? They just cram the journal entries without knowing the concept.

With reference to the above, following are some suggestions which in my opinion can help to solve this problem faced by almost 90% of the students :

(1.) Such a system must be introduced that students do not face such difficulties. Here technology can be made full use of. The process of cheque issuing, clearing etc. must be explained with the help of videos etc.

(2.) After 7-8 months of theoretical teaching, the students must be taken to computer labs where they must be taught to journalise the transactions using some software. This will improve their practical knowledge.

(3.) Moreover students must be taken to industrial visits where they can know about the practical aspects of transactions.

(4.) The performance of students must also be assessed in practical aspects also and not merely on viva basis or only on the basis of exams.

(5.) The students must not be judged merely on the basis of their final examination or final viva but also on the basis of their performance in the practical ventures taken up all over the academic year.

I hope, more and more professionals, teachers etc. will suggest these type of changes the concerned ministry will look into these suggestions.

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