SEBI notifies new rules for its annual report:

According to notification by SEBI on tuesday, (Sebi) shall submit a report to the Central Government giving a true and full account of its activities, policies and programmes during the previous financial year. The report has to be submitted within 90 days after the end of a financial year. The new format comprises various chapters on different topics, including equity markets, commodity derivatives markets, fund management activity (Mutual Funds, Alternative Investment Funds, Collective Investment Schemes, Real Estate Investment Trusts and Infrastructure Investment Trusts) and corporate governance and corporate restructuring. 

In addition, there will be a chapter on the aims and objectives of new regulations and progress or impact assessment of the new rules introduced during the just concluded financial year. Further, Sebi needs to provide details of listed companies being wound up, details of defaulter companies, regulatory co-ordination with Ministry of Corporate Affairs and consequent steps taken by the regulator under the corporate governance chapter.