Oxygen saturation range 92-94 is normal says AIIMS Director Dr Guleria

AIIMS Delhi Director Dr. Randeep Guleria today in a press conference asserted that judicious use of oxygen is important to tackle the second wave of COVID-19. He said, we have to reduce the number of cases and use hospital resources optimally. The judicious use of oxygen is very important. Right now, there is a panic, which is causing more harm than the good.

He said, Oxygen is an important treatment strategy for COVID-19, but misuse of it is also an important factor. If your oxygen saturation is 92, 93, 94, 95, 96 or above 96 it means that there is sufficient oxygen in your body(blood) and enough oxygen is reaching your organs. If you are using medical oxygen in the range of 94-95 (oxygen saturation) to upgrade it at a level of 98 or 99, this is misuse of oxygen. The same medical oxygen can be given to one whose oxygen saturation is below 90 or at 80. He said, if the oxygen saturation is reducing then one should consult the doctor.

He further said, One should not get into panic mode if Remdesivir is not available. It is only useful in moderate to severe cases, it is not useful in early stage or mild illness. Remdesivir has not shown a mortality benefit. He said, if a patient is taking Remdesivir on the first or second day of mild illness, they are misusing the drug. He repeated that in COVID-19, 85 percent of the cases will be mild illness which can be treated at home and only 15 percent of patients need hospital beds. He concluded that health infrastructure can manage the current crisis if we all make a strategy to use the medical essentials when needed.