I was About to Give Up. But I thought I Can Not Quit Just Like That and Finally Become CA: CA Tanvi Sukhija

Today, i am sharing the inspirational story of CA Tanvi Sukhija who was about to give up in CA Final Exams and wanted to opt out from Nov 2020 exams, but later she worked hard for Nov 2020 exams and achieved the badge of Chartered Accountant (CA) in the very first attempt.

She said in a thread on LinkedIn that:

Finally became CA in the very first attempt. But the irony is that i was about to give up!

But then i thought! No Tanvi, you can not quit like that.

I worked hard for the attempt and finally became CA Tanvi Sukhija.

This degree is for my mother who used to wake up me at 5 AM in the morning and prepare tiffin for my 6 AM class.

Finally entered the elite CA Club.

Also thanks to my family, friends, teachers, mentors for supporting me.

The lesson from her life story is that don’t give up, keep yourself motivated and keep trying always.