As GST Amnesty Scheme is Expiring Soon, Professionals are Requesting for Extension of Time Limit for Revocation of Cancelled GST Registrations

We all know that GST Amnesty Scheme is expiring on 31st August 2021. But main problem is that taxpayers are not able to file revocation application on GST Portal due to expiry of time limit and offline revocation is not possible before the expiry date of amnesty scheme, as per professionals. So, professionals are requesting for extension of time limit for revocation of cancelled GST Registrations.

CA Abhishek Rajaram tweeted that “Without Revocation benefits, failure of this GST Amnesty is on the cards

Later on, we might see “Viwad see Vishwash” type scheme in GST also

If Govt. is serious about the success of this Amnesty they should immediately #AnnounceGSTRevocation”

CA Pratibha Goyal tweeted that “As due date for GST amnesty scheme is already coming, lakhs of Tax payers are still waiting for revocation benefits.

Requesting to provide the same as businesses have already suffered a lot.


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