UIDAI in action, 6 lakh aadhar card cancellation agreement

Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology, Rajiv Chandrasekhar has presented this data while answering a question asked in the Lok Sabha regarding fake Aadhar cards. He said, UIDAI is taking strict action on such cases.

UIDAI cancels over 598,999 duplicate Aadhaar cards

 Minister of State said, Aadhaar verification will be done through face

Aadhar Card is an essential document to identify being a citizen of the country. In today’s time, if you want to take advantage of government schemes, or jobs or other such services where identity card is demanded, then only Aadhaar is sought. But just as it has become mandatory for the countrymen, the cases of getting duplicate Aadhar card have also increased. Now the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has started taking action on such cases. Under this, 6 lakh fake Aadhar cards have been canceled.

 UIDAI’s action continues

 The number of Aadhar Cards canceled by UIDAI can be gauged from the number of Aadhar Cards that are active in the country making duplicate or Fake Aadhar Cards. Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology, Rajiv Chandrasekhar, in response to a question, told the Parliament that so far UIDAI has canceled more than 598,999 duplicate Aadhar cards. He said that this action is going on continuously.

 Notice sent to fake websites

 In this era of digitization, the business of duplicate certificates were filling their pockets. In view of the increasing cases, big action was taken on those making fake Aadhar cards at the central and state level. As part of this action, UIDAI has also sent notices to about a dozen fake websites claiming services related to Aadhar card and has been banned from providing any kind of service, warning them.

Aadhar verification will be done through face

 Minister of State Chandrashekhar said in a statement that the issue of making fake Aadhar cards has been taken seriously and several necessary steps have been taken to check it. Under this, an extra verification feature has been added to the Aadhar card. In this, the person’s face will soon be used for Aadhaar verification. Till now fingerprint and eye scan were taken for verification.

Also used in pension verification

 Chandrashekhar has shared information about this action in the LokSabha in response to a question regarding fake websites providing services related to Aadhaar card. Emphasizing on face recognition, he said that this process has been implemented for Authenticating Pension Verification apart from Aadhaar. So far, about one lakh pensioners have been verified with this technology.

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