Toll Tax: FASTag system to end soon

The government is preparing to bring a new system of toll collection by abolishing the FASTag system . Now the central government is planning to collect toll tax using the satellite navigation system. According to sources the new system is already being tested as a pilot project in India.

In this system, the toll has to be paid according to the number of kilometres the vehicle travels on the highway.  Under the new system the more kilometres you drive on the highway or expressway, the more toll will be charged.

The pilot project of the new toll system is being tested in India. The amount of toll is charged according to the number of kilometres the vehicle travels on the highway. Due to the success of this procedure in European countries, preparations are being made to implement it in India as well.

At present, the entire amount of the distance from one toll to another toll is collected from the vehicles. Even if you are not going there and your journey is being completed somewhere in the middle, but the toll has to be paid in full.

Almost all vehicles (98.8 percent) in Germany have satellite navigation systems installed. The tax calculation starts as soon as the vehicle enters the tolled road. As soon as the vehicle moves from the highway to the road without toll, the toll of that kilometer is deducted from the account. The system for deducting toll is the same as that of FASTag. At present, toll is being charged from FASTag on 97 percent of vehicles in India.

Before carrying out the new system, it is necessary to change the transport policy as well. Experts are preparing the necessary points for this. 1.37 lakh vehicles have been covered across the country in the pilot project. A study report is being prepared by experts from Russia and South Korea. This report may be released in the next few weeks.

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  1. Anubhav Chawla

    Hi all. Hope everyone is safe & sound in your family & friends.. Now as per new toll tax rule i would certainly say big NO to the new policy because it’ll be directly impacting peoples pocket that too for nothing .. Please let the fast tag be continued . else as per new model people won’t travel and then where will you generate revenue from

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