These Important big changes from Dec 1 would increase your financial burden

SBI Credit Card

The State Bank Of India is likely to increase interest rates for its credit card users. People who are intending to buy something through SBI credit card EMI might want to consider the increased interest rates that the bank is going to apply from December. Not only that but the processing fee will also be added to the bill. Due to this, customers will be paying more charges than usual effective next month.

According to the new rules, customers will have to pay Rs. 99 extra on every EMI. This charge is known as ‘processing fee’ and this rule will begin from SBI only.

Change in LPG cylinder’s rates

The price of cooking-gas cylinders is revised on the first of every month, and so will it on December 1st. After a brief review of the profit and losses, companies tend to set new price charts for the LPG gas cylinders in various cities of the nation. This review decides whether the price increases or decreases for the rest of the month. Although sometimes the price remains constant for several months, customers still eagerly wait for the date.

Home Loan

If you are one of those dreaming of a new house with LIC housing, the news isn’t a happy one for you. Home loans are going to become a burden instead of relief from the coming month. Reportedly, during the festive season, all banks included heavy offers on Home Loan, which is a major reason that they are most likely to do the opposite now that the festivities are over.

LIC housing finance, which is one among these banks, has its offer ending on November 30. Whereas a few banks still have the offer going on till December 31st.

Linking of Aadhar with UAN

November 30 is the last date for linking the Aadhar number to UAN. Earlier the date was extended till the end of this month, hence, there is no expectation for it to move any further. However, those who haven’t linked their Aadhar with UAN can face major problems regarding their PF money.