SMP, Kolkata Turns to be a Voice of Succour for Resuming Salvage Operation

Container Vessel M.V MarinTrust-01 plying in the Coastal Shipping Route between India and Bangladesh listed heavily at NSD Berth No. 5 after completion of Cargo work on March 24, 2022 at about 10.40 am.

The Owner of the Vessel M/s MarinTrust Ltd. engaged M/s Gill Marine as salvor for re-floating and restoring the vessel along with the salvage of the containers which had taken to waters of the dock. Considering the urgency of the matter and No.5 Berth, NSD being an important berth for container operations, the salvor was allowed to commence the operation from April 2, 2022 onwards, without executing a BIMCO Agreement as per relevant rules. There were a total 165 containers on-board (77 containers on deck; 88 containers in hold). The salvage operation was terminated, followed by abandonment of the vessel by Owners on and from April 22, 2022 after retrieving a total of 30 containers, some from the deck of the Vessel and a few from the waters.

Thereafter, SMP, Kolkata explored legal options for resumption of salvage operation of M.V MarinTrust-01 including restoration and re-flotation of the vessel at Berth No.5. The law firm, Victor & Moses and officials of SMP, Kolkata worked in tandem and finally the salvage operation was resumed from July 13, 2022 with the BIMCO Agreement and Salvor’s Liability Insurance in place.

The vessel has now been restored and set upright at Berth No.5, NSD with a total of all the 165 containers retrieved. On re-floatation, the Owner of the vessel has requested for permission to tow the vessel back to Bangladesh. The senior officials of SMP, Kolkata are now deliberating on the issue, since a huge amount of claim is pending on the account of the Owner of the Vessel, M/s MarinTrust Ltd.

Also, the vessel needs permission from the classification society and DG Shipping India/Bangladesh for moving out from the docks of SMP, Kolkata.

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