Russia- Ukraine Crisis LIVE: Russian Currency At Its Lowest Level, Indian Market At Low Level Of The Day

War finally broke out between Ukraine and Russia. Russia attacked Ukraine on Thursday morning according to Indian time. Russia carried out airstrikes in several areas, including the Ukrainian capital, in which more than 100 Ukrainian army soldiers are reported to be killed. However, the Defense Minister of Ukraine has denied this fact. The Russian currency ruble has also seen a fall after Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Not only this, the Russian market has been closed twice in today’s trading session. The RTS Index has seen a decline of 35 percent so far and for this reason the Russian currency is also falling continuously. Russia’s attack on Ukraine has affected not only the Russian currency but also the Indian currency. 

Russian currency at lowest level

Due to attack on Ukraine by Russia, there was a strong fall in the Russian currency. On Thursday, the Russian ruble has fallen by 8 percent. This currency has fallen by 8% against the US dollar, which is its lowest level. However, the Central Bank will take necessary steps to stop the fall in the ruble.

Dollar also fell against the US dollar

Indian markets are also broken due to the dispute between Russia and Ukraine. While the Indian market reached the low level of the day, there is also a decline in the Indian currency. The rupee fell to a level of 75.14 against the dollar in early trade on Thursday.

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