Reserve Bank has made a big change in the Bank locker rules

Keeping in mind the safety of the customers, the Reserve Bank has made a big change in the rules of bank locker. If you are also planning to open a locker in any bank or if you already have a locker in any bank, then it is very important for you to know about the new rules.

After the continuous complaints from bank locker customers, the Reserve Bank decided to change the rules. The new rules have come into effect from January 1, 2022. If you have not come to know about these rules yet, then here we are telling you what changes have been made.

Bank will give compensation for theft
It has been the complaint of most of the customers that goods were stolen from their locker. To stop this, the Reserve Bank has now made strict rules. This has increased the responsibility of the banks. Now if anything is stolen from your locker or there is any kind of disturbance, then the bank will have to compensate the customer 100 times the rent of the locker. Now banks cannot say that they are not responsible for theft.

CCTV has become necessary To monitor the locker room, now it will be mandatory for banks to install CCTV. Along with this, it has also been made necessary to keep the data of CCTV for 180 days. This will help in checking if there is any discrepancy. It has also been made mandatory to keep a record of the CCTV footage in case a customer complains of any disturbance or theft to the bank till the police investigation is completed.

It is necessary to send e-mail and SMS alerts
In order to protect customers from frauds, the Reserve Bank has now made it necessary that the bank will have to send SMS and e-mails every time a customer accesses his locker. This alert will protect customers from fraud.