RBI Alerts Bank Customers On This Serious Matter

In a booklet published titled ‘Beware – A Booklet on Modus Operandi of Financial Fraud’, RBI said fraudsters are using innovative methods to defraud people unaware of the techno financial ecosystem and embezzle their hard-earned money. The booklet provides information on modus operandi of fraudsters, precaution against fraudulent transactions and digital hygiene.

Based on a review of complaints of fraud, the RBI said that information or fraudulently furnished confidential information by consumers is a major cause of financial fraud. It has asked people to never give confidential information like username, password, card details, CVV and OTP to anyone, be it family or friends. 

Also said that bank officials, financial institutions, RBI and other genuine organizations never ask for confidential information from consumers. RBI has asked people not to open unknown or unverified links, SMS and emails and delete them immediately.