PAN Card Fraud: Loans being taken out with Pan Card, whether your card was misused or not

PAN card fraud: Cyber ​​criminals have found a new way to defraud innocent consumers. These people take loan in someone’s name by using PAN card and Aadhar card etc and then it becomes nine two eleven. This is becoming possible because some mobile phone applications are active in the area of ​​easy lending and they give small loans only on the basis of PAN card and mobile number.

If the PAN card is in the hands of another person, then he can misuse it. There have been many cases in which PAN card holders have come to know that loans against their PAN have been given to some unknown person without their consent. The CIBIL score of the victims is getting badly affected due to this PAN card loan fraud.

On how cyber criminals carry out PAN card loan fraud, technical expert Balendu Sharma Dadhich said, “Nowadays there are some mobile applications which give you small loans just by writing PAN card and mobile phone number. If your PAN card and Aadhar card are in the hands of a wrong person, that person can take a loan in your name which will be transferred to his own bank account, but the loan will climb in your name. To avoid such fraud, it is important that you take maximum care while sharing your PAN card, Aadhar card etc. with other people.

What to do if you have to give a photocopy

If ever someone has to give a photocopy of them, then it is to be written on the photocopy that for what purpose it is being given. Also check occasionally that no one has taken any loan in your name. To do this, you can use the website of Civil, where the details of all the loans, credit cards etc. taken in your name are available.