Lucknow Crime News: Bank of Baroda branch manager arrested in fraud of 48 crores, know how he got caught

Bank of Baroda branch manager Nagendra Prasad Pal has been arrested by the Gomtinagar police in connection with the grabbing of Rs 10 crore from the Central Provident Fund of five and a half thousand employees of memorial institutions, parks and parks. The role of the accused has come to the fore in the fraud. According to ACP Gomtinagar Sweta Srivastava, the bank manager had transferred Rs 25 lakh to a company named Mahakal, familiar with the account of Write-Pay Services. Later the amount was withdrawn from the account.

The Gomtinagar police have arrested a total of nine people in this case so far. The investigator of the case Dhananjay Singh said that the named FIR was registered against the bank manager. Investigation revealed that the accused had been negligent from the beginning. Didn’t even check the papers properly. Not only this, without verifying the money was transferred to Right-pay company. After the role of the accused was exposed, he was arrested on Saturday. It is noteworthy that a scam of Rs 48 crore had come to the fore for the appropriation of the Lucknow Development Authority, the managing committee of monuments, museums, institutions, parks and groves etc. An FIR was lodged in this case on behalf of the committee’s chief manager Pawan Kumar Gangwar. The role of the committee’s accounts officer Sanjay Singh in the fraud was exposed, after which he and his associates were arrested.